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Sew your own mask

Our mission is to demonstrate how to protect yourself. Find the step-by-step instructions here on how to create four types of face masks.

Important: the fabric, non-medical mask is not 100% guarantee of protection and you should use it together with other hygiene practices.
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Our team
Yulia Torcq
Fashion designer, couture tailor, translator
PANDEMIAMASK project founder and manager
Paris, France
Anna Levadnaya
Ph.D. in medical sciences
Supervisor of medical aspects
Moscow, Russia
Georgy Nikolaev
Neurologist, osteopath, Master of Osteopathy (Europe)
Supervisor of medical aspects of the project
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Victoria Rakusa
Founder of the brand for sewing patterns
The @vikisews_patterns team digitized the templates so that they can be printed on any printer
The Far East, Russia
Galina Suntsova
Fashion and tech designer
The maker of two of the masks: with folds and beak-like.
Krasnodar, Russia
Oksana Kosach
The developer of two of the masks: anatomic with a dart and without a dart. Supervisor of sewing technology of the project.
Tolyatti, Russia
Ekaterina Khrishchanovich
Engineer, head of sewing school
Designer of anatomical masks without a dart. Supervisor of sewing technology of the project.
Grodno, Belarus
Viktoria Larionova
Designer of dresses and children's outerwear
Designer of anatomical masks with dart and developer of the option for children’s mask with folds. Supervisor of sewing technology
Samara, Russia
Alena Norkina
Methodologist, founder of the clothing brand Mink
Corrector, a specialist in the selection and testing of fabrics
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Anita Skyrta
Architect, designer
Design, information gathering, consulting
Paris, France
Anastasia Popova
UX/UI design
Dnipro, Ukraine
Alisa Laran
Dnipro, Ukraine
Dmitry Petukhov
Software Engineer
Development of the project website
Paris, France
Evgeny Kochetkov
Producer @smotrishire_media
Creator of social advertising for PANDEMIAMASK
Moscow, Russia
Anna Massold
Video producer, founder of @darimedia
Script author for social advertising of PANDEMIAMASK
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Daria Melnikova
Photography of Oksana Kosach’s family modeling the masks
Tolyatti, Russia
Serge Zavyalov
English language teacher, translator
Translation from Russian into English
Melbourne, Australia
Elizaveta Emtseva
Founder of French language courses
Translation from Russian into French
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Svetlana Odema
Structural engineer of metal constructions. Hobby: designing and sewing clothes
Translation from Russian into French
Bordeaux, France
Maria Fedorovich
Translator, proofreader in love with sewing
Translation from Russian into Polish
Larnaca, Cyprus
Nadiia Omelian-Skyrta
Professor and educator
Translation from Russian into Ukrainian
Paris, France
Sonia Lázaro
Couture tailor, designer of evening and wedding dresses
Translation from French into Spanish
Paris, France
Lyna Chabah
Translation from French into Arabic and Berber
Paris, France
Razwan Hassan Mahmood
Translation from English into Kurdish
Halabja, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Angela Elia
Russian and Greek language teacher, translator
Translation from Russian into Greek
Larnaca, Cyprus
Jenny Rat
Portrait photographer, business psychologist
Translation from English into German
Dresden, Germany
Maria Smolenskaya
Translator, German language teacher
Translation from English into German
Moscow, Russia
Asya Grigoryeva
Fashion illustrator, fashion designer
Author of the opening illustration “The planet with the masks.”
Paris, France
Irina Malakhova
Legal advisor
Nizhny Tagil, Russia
Margarita Babina
Model, fashion designer, artist. Founder of the @globalfamilyportrait project
Editor for English language
New York, USA
Anna Shuneiko
Marketer, SMM, translator-polyglot
Translation from Russian into Portuguese
Milan, Italy
Ksenia Schicharev
German language teacher, translator
Translation from Russian into German
Dresden, Germany
Altynai Rysbayeva
Marketer, SMM, translator-polyglot
Translation from Russian into Kazakh
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

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